Winnerr: Numer 534
User: MaksGoodwinS
Wins: 25.000PTC
Block Hash File
Participants file. md5sum 885e7435f7e236c65d8d16bb6e8d8ff6
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1) Read the Draw basis. 
2) Participate in the Electrum-Peseta promotional campaing in the Promoplugs platform (need to have 25 followers in Twitter to participate).
Draw link: http://promoplugs.com/SelectedCampaign.aspx?CID=276

Draw basis:

1) Electrum-Peseta will be presented the 8th September at 19:00 Madrid time.  

2) The promotional campaing will start the 8th September at 20:00 Madrid time. First part of the draw, will be participate in the campaing.

3) The promotinal campaing will last 48 hours until the 10th September at 20:00 Madrid time.

4) In less than 24 hours after promotional campaings ends, list of participants will be published in sorteos.pesetacoin.info. You will be able to find the numbers related to each participant. (Each user will have as many numbers as actions made in the campaing. The number of actions available will be 5). The document will be published in Twitter and in the website. To guarantee the document is not modified, the document hash will be calculated and published.

5) The winner number (which is associated to a participant) will be choosen in the next way: Pesetacoin network will be used. Exactly the block hash of the block found after the September 11th at 20:00 (Madrid) timestamp. In case a block is found at 2017-09-11 20:00:00 won't be valid. The block found at 2017-09-11 20:00:01 or later will be valid.
The blockexplorer used as reference will be CryptoID for being an independent company (https://chainz.cryptoid.info/ptc/).
The method to to choose the winner number will be the next. We will use the first five numbers of the block hash.
First block hash example: 1be102706f88c5f4ab90a699b3624b254c937daf0964adb5333d6f6e9f0458fb  . In this case the winner number would be: 11027.
Second block hash example: 34bbf124925a2f28f407071960643c360b2636254f4b82b3f86bab97851aa710  . In this case the winner number would be: 34124.
Third block hash example: f97ab8c77238c6792aefc7895175c696a04e18fd4134b9b850039b7b3f034c9e  . In this case the winner number would be: 97877.
Fourth block hash example: cfaf78b6e59950f68af6b0a7e75fc3f05056ee0deccf98ea9d5e415b8ea305b9  . In this case the winner number would be: 78659.
Fifth block hash example: f883d99fd88a7f770860e500fd0596fe2e68277a551cea41f6941130b24b607e  . In this case the winner number would be: 88399
In case the winner number is not associated with any participant, the next block blockhash will be used. The process will continue until a winner number associated a participant is found.

6) The winner will be contacted bt Twitter to be notified. In case we don't get any answer 48 hours after the notification, the process of choosing a winner number will be restarted until we found a new winner. This new winner will have 48 hours after it's notified to answer. This process will continue until the winner answers. 

7) The maximum number of participants for the promotional campaing and therefore for the draw is 5000 participants. Every single participant will earn 5 PTC for taking part.

8) The prize for the winner of the draw is 25.000 PTC.

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